Are you craving some adventure?

Love to travel with friends or your partner?

Yearning for a bit of excitement in your life?

What if you could go on the ultimate adventure without the hassle of trip planning?

That my friends is where Lets Wander Travel Comes in!

We take a healthy interest in your Questionnaire and pick apart the details to decide where we should send you for your next adventure. You just show up to the airport with a good dose of jubilation and a ready for anything attitude and we will do the rest. We book your flights, accommodations and if the budget permits, a couple of experiences. We like to include at least 1 dinner reservation also.

Most Surprise! Trips are anywhere from 2-4 days and only within the continental US.

We are absolutely inspired by travel and want you to feel the same about your upcoming adventure!

Our Team

Paige Tyler, CEO

Paige Tyler (CEO) has loved travel since her first plane trip at the age of 12 where she earned the money to fly by herself and see a friend who moved away. She joined the Navy to see the world and ended up falling in love with another sailor. Her sailor decided he wanted to go into the Army instead, so after a couple of years finishing up college degrees and having 2 children of their own, they packed up and hit the road. The Army sent them all over the world and gave them and their children a real gift of travel. While living in Germany, Paige helped plan trips and events for other spouses and decided she had a knack for it. After returning to the States, she worked for a friend’s travel agency for a while before breaking off to start her own. She has planned trips for clients to go all over the world via cars, trains, planes, buses and ships!

A previous client came to Paige and asked her to please plan a trip for him and his partner but to not let them know of any details. They wanted to wait until they go to the airport the day of. The execution of this adventure made Paige smile for days. She loved everything about it probably more than the clients themselves. That is when she decided to re-brand her agency and just go for it. Life is short! Take the trip!

Keith Head Shot.jpg

Keith Tyler is the spouse of Paige and lets be honest he will do anything that makes her happy and feel fulfilled. He has jumped on her travel agency bandwagon with gusto and helps contribute to the finer details around here. Keith spent a total of 25 years in the Navy and Army but when it comes to football, his allegiance will always be with the Army. He has traveled extensively all over the world for both work and pleasure. These days he yearns to buy an investment property in downtown Annapolis (best little city) and spend long bouts of time in his favorite country of Slovenia

carrie cassity head shot.jpg

Carrie Cassity is a travel expert concerning any destination west of the Mississippi. On a regular basis, she packs up her family and goes on long weekend trips. She recently purchased an RV which has added a whole new dimension to her family travel. Carrie loves the outdoors and spends as much time as possible hiking with her 3 kiddos, husband and adorable labradoodle. She also has a mean ass hairless cat that keeps life in perspective at her house.

Her favorite thing to do on vacation is to take her kids to some location that has a WOW factor and create the best memories with them.