What You Must Do Before You Leave On Your Surprise Trip

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You have a Surprise Trip booked with Lets Wander Travel and I know you are excited about it.  In fact, the anticipation of such a trip is almost as fun as the trip itself. If you are anything like me, you will be daydreaming of all the fun things that are about to make your life way more cooler!

I like to joke that this will be the first trip you will ever take where people will actually want to hear about it. Am I right?

Here are some things you can do beforehand so you feel more prepared.  The goal here is to not stress out at all about this fun vacation, but I know there are a few of you out there who can’t help themselves.

Ok, so lets do this.

  1. Download Uber or Lyft and know who to use it. Most of you opt not to use a rental car so the best way to get around town if public transportation is not available is this app. It truly is so easy because it is a couple pushes of a button and no cash exchange system that makes it convenient. I have used it all over the United States and in most of the foreign countries I have traveled to.  It is affordable and eliminates added parking fees and stress. It is one of those conveniences that I don’t know what I did before it came out! Just know you want to do this well before you travel because you have to hook your account to a credit card to pay for your services.

    2. Download Opentable and Yelp - both of these apps are similar in the fact that they will help you located great places to eat.  We will give you recommendations and even book you a reservation if you indicate that you want us to on the Questionnaire, but still download these two apps.  Yelp will help you locate restaurants nearby and give you reviews on them. It will also give you access to websites and menus. OpenTable gives you a way to make a reservation at a restaurant that requires it.  It is always good to make a reservation!

    3. Pack light and skip the checked luggage.  Your time is valuable and shouldn’t be wasted waiting for luggage. Also, since your trip is on the fairly short side, a carry on for each person would be more than sufficient-- also you don’t risk the chance of it getting lost which would ruin a perfect trip.  And it saves you the fees that many airlines charge for checked luggage.

    4. Once you know where you are going, spend the extra airport and flying time doing some research.  Look it up on Instagram (surely you have that app!) to see ahead of time some cool spots. Google, “Top Things To Do In ______________” or “Top Things to See in __________” You will be amazed on all the different ways you could spend your time no matter where you end up.

    5. Always pack a swimsuit- no matter what.  You just never know and shopping for a swimsuit last minute sucks.  

Of course a great attitude and a sense of adventure is a must. But you already have that if you booked your trip already.  It really does take an adventurous soul to travel with us.

Go and have a great time!


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