5 Steps to Booking Your Big Adventure - A Surprise Vacation!

The Five Step Process of Booking a Surprise Trip

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You have finally decided to jump on the bandwagon and book a surprise trip for yourself and whoever you love most in this life. CONGRATS! You are in for a treat!

You get to just sit back, relax and know that all the details are going to be taken care of.  

Here is what you need to do in order to make the magic happen.

  1. Go to our website and fill out the questionnaire.  This is where you get to tell us all the details about what you like to do for fun, your hobbies, what kind of hotels you prefer, about your previous vacations, etc.   We love when you overshare too. You will also tell us the exact dates you are wanting to travel.

  2. Decide what your budget will be for the trip.  At a minimum it has to cover flights and accommodations (maybe a car rental too).  When there is additional funds, we love adding excursions, especially the ones that sell out early and/or gift cards for restaurants or rideshares.  Those extra touches, when the budget permits, make your surprise trip experience that much richer. We will book dinner reservations for you foodies and drink lovers out there also.

  3. 7-10 days out from your trip, we will drop your travel package in the mail via USPS Priority.  We will also email you the tracking number along with a weather report so you know how to pack. We will give you a hint or two with the clothing.  And no matter what, pack your swimsuit! You just never know. We will also tell you when to arrive at the airport.

  4. When you get your package, it is up to you when to open it--- but we love airport surprises! The day of your trip, get to the airport on time! And get ready for an adventure and see you social media.

  5. We keep the surprises coming!  We will send you a sweet one after your trip as a token of our appreciation for taking an adventure with us.  We hope to see you and your friends and family in the future.

This is the basic of what has to happen to make your next adventure a wonderful one!  There may be a detail or two more that will enhance your trip and we will let you know these in the weeks you are waiting to go.  We will send you additional emails about how to handle the airlines when they are less than perfect, phone apps you should have when traveling, travel insurance options, and more.

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It really is a worry free vacation!  And we are so happy you are here!!

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Our handle is @LetsWanderTravel