Worst Travel Day I Have Ever Had

Worst Travel Day Ever.png

Travel is everything to me!

I live for it.

But that doesn’t mean it comes without its hiccups.

  • I have missed visiting important places because I didn’t get tickets in advance.

  • I have overspent on meals because I didn’t understand the menu

  • I have been ripped off by cab drivers because I didn’t negotiate the price before I got in

  • And I have even been held hostage by hotel security because I was trying to leave a spider infested hotel room! (A story for another time)

But my worst day of travel is now one of my best stories that I love to tell.

And boy did I learn a lot from it and would do it again in a heartbeat.

It all started in Paris…

Don’t you wish all your travel stories started like that?  It’s true, child #1 had an internship in Paris and myself and the 2 younger children decided to join her.  We had a great time, even though I ended up at doctor because I ate something that made me itch so bad that no amount of scratching would relieve it.

My insides even itched.

But after that was over, all was good! Really!

  • We had champagne on the Eiffel Tower.

  • We took a cruise up the Seine River

  • We had a picnic at Versaille and rode bikes all over the city.

  • We ate delicious food and visited a few museums.

A great time overall.

(Never mind that we got on the wrong train and that my luggage got stuck in a turn style on the train platform and required surgery from a train worker to get it out)

Then on the day we need to fly out, I misread my return time on my ticket.  We get to the airport right as the plane is boarding but I am unaware of this because I am positive I have at least an hour before boarding. So the kids and I go grab our last Parisian bite.

When we show up to the the gate, there are 2 employees who do not look happy.  They ask my name and when I tell them, one woman starts yelling at me that she has been calling my name for at least 15 minutes over the loudspeakers.  I heard the speakers, but they certainly weren’t saying my name, which is Paige Tyler.

They were saying Paw-shay Tee-ler…. Or something along that line.  It didn’t register with me at all.

The woman really gave me an earful.  She let me know very loudly that I was now too late and that they were removing our luggage from the airplane and that we needed to leave the terminal immediately and go back to the ticketing desk and get new tickets.

UGH! I was devastated! And just upset. How could I be so dumb?

We waited for an hour to be reunited with our luggage and I went to the ticket counter and explained our predicament.  I repurchased our plane tickets and we started over. I felt really bad about having to spend to spend the money again, but thankful that it was available in the account.  Can I get an amen?

The next flight ended up beating the first flight home! And then that evening, I went out with friends and recounted the whole story.

One of my nicknames is now Paw-shay!

I think I earned that one. And I would trade this picnic with the kids for the world.


Do you have a travel nightmare story?  Tell us about it!