How We Started Our Surprise Trips

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Lets Wander Travel has been years in the making!

Paige started out volunteering while living in Germany to help other Army wives find some day entertainment. Mainly I started a wine club and then help create wine buying trips to Italy and Slovenia, though as an amateur. She made many new friends along the way.

Upon returning to the States, some friends asked if she wanted to join their travel agency. After a few months to think about it, she decided she did. It was here that Paige learned the hard-knocks of travel agent life. Every mistake she could have made, she did.

At 2.5 years, she decided it was time to fly the coop and open her own agency which she did with gusto. With the help of a few coaches she played around with several niches. First it was family travel and all that that entailed. But then she fell into surprise travel. It fit the personality of the travel agency perfectly! It was like a match made in heaven.

So two years after opening her own agency, she decided to re-brand Lets Wander Travel as a Suprise! Trip Travel Agency. It flowed nearly seamlessly and felt so easy.

It started with clients whom Paige had sent on a couple of trips and knew in her personal life. They came to her and told her what they wanted a surprise trip. They picked a weekend and said they wanted every detail to be a surprise and to go somewhere a little bit off the beaten path. After talking to them for a few minutes and asking detailed questions, she knew the perfect place. This trip made her smile for days and it was kind of hard to believe that she could make a living sending people on Surprise trips.

And that is how it all started!

We would LOVE if you joined us on this this journey.

Our tag line has always been “Where Memories Make the Best Souvenirs” and it still fits!

What is stopping you from going on your next adventure?