How Much Does the Hotel Matter?

hotel sign

Have you ever heard someone say, “I don’t care about my room, it’s just a place to sleep?”

Or something along that line? I hear it all the time and couldn’t disagree more. Since when is sleep underrated?

I have stayed in 100’s of nights in hotel around the country and world. I’ve been in some really good one and really crappy ones. And I can tell you with 100% certainty that your hotel matters, A LOT!

Here is a list of things that matter (at least to me).

Location: When your hotel is located in the heart of the city or directly in heart of ‘old town’ or even in the castle wall like the one I stayed in in Seville, Spain it gives you direct access to all the action and that is something that can’t be done with a typical budget hotel. I like to walk right out the door and BE in the place where I can see and do without a lot of transportation modes.

It saves time and adds a lot of character to your vacation. It is more expensive than staying outside of the city, but in the end, worth it.

I have seen on a couple of occasions where travelers realize they are too far away from where everything is and want to change their hotel reservation. So much easier to do it right the first time.

Bed Quality: I know of a couple who rented a hotel for a fun weekend trip away and ended up sleeping in the chair in the room because the bed quality was horrid. Can you imagine? Not sleeping well is enough to ruin your entire trip. I will admit, there was one time I was staying with friends and I thought their bed was going to kill me! The following day, I asked my husband to just relax in the local park and let me sleep for ½ hour. I was slowing everyone else down and felt fairly miserable. Beds are so important and some hotels do a better job than others.

Extra Amenities: Who doesn’t love eating breakfast in bed? Room service is only available in hotels that typically have restaurants. This also means the hotel has a bar. This makes the hotel a destination within itself. If for some reason, you could not leave your hotel because you were sick or something else is going on, I need to be stuck at a hotel where I can eat and drink. Don’t you agree? And hey, getting toast crumbs in a bed that is not your own is best!

Some other factors that could improve your hotel stay:

Swimming pools



Business Centers

Lobby where you can meet with others


View from your room

So, we know (I KNOW from personal experience) that hotels can make or break your precious vacation time. There are too many important pieces that can get messed up. It’s important to put as much money as you can towards your accommodations because in the end, it is where you sleep and that is important!

PS. My biggest pet peeve about a hotel is if it has popcorn ceilings-- if it does. I’m out!=)

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