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01 Fill out the Questionnaire and give us all the nitty gritty details.

02 Select your budget and take care of payment.

03 We book your trip with flight and accommodations.

04 One week out, expect an update email and your packet will be mailed.

05 Show up to the airport, open your packet and SURPRISE!



Can I use airline or hotel points towards my reservation?

No. Many times the airlines will allow you to add your loyalty number at the airport or even afterwards. Same with hotels. But doing it beforehand will ruin the surprise.

Can I open my Surprise! Trip packet before I arrive to the airport?

Sure. You can choose when to open the packet and see your surprise destination. We will be mailing it to you 7 days out. We just think it is a lot of fun to wait until you arrive to the airport.

I am dying to go to New Orleans. Can you send me there?

No. That goes against the entire premise of Surprise! Trips.

How will I know what to pack?

One week out, Lets Wander Travel will send you an email with a weather report. Try and be flexible with the clothing you pack. We are a huge fan of layering type of clothing so you can go from cold all the way to warm weather with not a lot of effort.

What if I am a huge control freak?

Please don’t torment us and find another travel agency to work with. We are experts at what we do!

What if I need to cancel?

Great questions and there are many answers. Hopefully you opted to purchase the trip insurance. If you did you are in luck! If not, you definitely signed our waiver saying you didn’t want insurance. It is up to the vendors we use if they will return your money or not. Many times, they will not. We LOVE when our clients buy insurance.

How long is a Surprise! Trip?

We encourage 2-4 nights depending on what you tell us on the Questionnaire. We figure that is plenty of time to see your Surprise location but not overstaying.

Will you send us to anyplace that requires a passport?

As of right now, no. We prefer the continental 48 States.

Will I need a rental car?

Sometimes it makes sense. Other times it is just easier to Uber or use local transportation. We cover this in our Questionnaire so we are clear on what you are comfortable with.

How does Lets Wander Travel get paid?

We charge a fee for every trip no matter the cost which in turn saves our clients a ton of money. Also, we purchase travel products using wholesalers so in the end, we are good.

What will I see on my credit card statement?

We use a variety of vendors to get you the best price possible. Some of those vendors could include but not limited to Funjet, Apple Vacations, Expedia, EZ Book, Bedsonline, Centrav, Lets Wander Travel, United Vacations, Delta Vacations, Southwest Vacations, Project Expedition, Viator and more.

We will let you know what to expect on your credit card statement.

What exactly is being purchased with my Surprise! Trip?

You are purchasing airfare and accommodations at the bare minimum. We will inquire about insurance and also look over your Questionnaire to see if we should add extras just as tickets to a show or museum, a rental car, etc.

Do you have to fly? Can I just drive or take the train?

No, we require this trip to involve an airplane.

Can you give me an exact breakdown of the trip costs?

Most of the time we cannot. The reason is, when we bundle vendors together like airfare and hotel, you get a price discount that is less than what it would be to purchase separately. But don’t worry, we will always look out for you.

What does the insurance cover?

Each policy is different and I am not an insurance agent, therefore I can’t not advise you on it. But it makes cancelling much easier. If your luggage gets lost or something traumatic happens, you have some extra help. Here at Lets Wander Travel, we wouldn’t dream of traveling without it.

If you don’t want to purchase it or have coverage via your credit card or another policy, just sign our waiver stating you do not want it and you understand the implications of getting caught without it.

Can more than one person fill out the survey for the same trip?

No. Based on our prior experience we only work with ONE decision maker. Trust us- it’s for the best.

What should I expect as far as communication from Lets Wander Travel?

Once you fill out the Questionnaire, we will send you an email to let you know that we got it. We will start our research based on your answers and budget. We will give you the final price along with any payment plan available to you. You will also receive an email 7 days out with the weather report and few other tips. You will also hear from us after the trip so you can tell us your very best advice for other people traveling to the place you did.

What if my flight is delayed?

Oh boy, this happens quite a bit. If your flight is delayed or cancelled your best bet is to work the airlines to get you to your destination as soon as possible. There are a few tricks up our sleeve concerning airlines and how to get the best service. We will email this article before leaving. Also, insurance is great just for this reason alone.

How far in advance can I book a Surprise! Trip?

In general, Surprise! Trips sweet spot is about 6 months out. We need a minimum of 1 month and no longer than 10 months out. Also, we can only book a limited amount of trips per month, we turn down clients when the month has reached our threshold.

Still have questions? Please email us at info@LetsWanderTravel.com